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Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Manufacturing

Industrial vehicle automation can produce operational efficiency gains of upwards of 50%, while providing companies a flexible infrastructure and, in turn, efficiently scale their operations relative to increased demand.

Download your complimentary copy of Cyngn’s report to learn about the critical role autonomous industrial vehicles play in the future of manufacturing and the market opportunity available for those who enter this cutting-edge space.

The paper cites recent research, which highlights the many benefits autonomous vehicles provide for manufacturers, which are enabling a shift in the industry.

Learn about the impact of autonomous industrial vehicles in critical areas such as:

• Improving throughput
• Improving safety
• Reducing costs
• Addressing labor shortages
• Scalability

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About Cyngn

Cyngn is an industrial autonomous vehicle technology company. Cyngn’s Enterprise Autonomy Suite (EAS) unifies robotaxi-level autonomous driving software, off-the-shelf leading hardware, and precise analytics to deliver the first of its kind autonomous vehicle solution for industrial fleets.
Our flexible, scalable technology transforms vehicles into a fully-integrated self-driving fleet of the future. 

Cyngn’s DriveMod Kit is a full-stack autonomous vehicle solution which combines sensor technology and computing hardware to easily convert your existing fleet of industrial vehicles into autonomous vehicles.

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